2021 Interiors

The bold and the beautiful | Sunday Independent’s LIFE Magazine

Rubik's Cube colours are the fun, bright interiors trend we didn’t know we needed.

Eco-builder Harrison Gardner wants to show you how to build your own home | Sunday Independent’s LIFE Magazine

Sustainable, debt-free and built to suit your own needs — Harrison Gardner says anyone can build their own house, once they’re prepared to get their hands dirty.

Curves | Sunday Independent’s LIFE Magazine

From bubble vases to 'squirrel' mirrors, your guide to embracing curves.

Electric picnic | Sunday Independent’s LIFE Magazine

The hottest accessories for stylish al fresco dining this summer.

The rise of the ‘plantfluencer' | Sunday Independent’s LIFE Magazine

Living walls, hanging planters and the hottest greenery on the ‘gram.

Why rattan furniture is moving indoors this season | Sunday Independent’s LIFE Magazine

Long associated with boxy garden and conservatory furniture, rattan pieces have now become sleeker and more stylish than ever.

Coloured glassware | Sunday Independent’s LIFE Magazine

Why tinted, translucent glassware is having a bold and beautiful resurgence this season.

DIY your decor | Sunday Independent’s LIFE Magazine

Traditional crafts like flower pressing, embroidery and punch needling are making a big comeback. Meet the makers putting a fresh spin on old classics.

Reboot your WFH space | Sunday Independent’s LIFE Magazine

From styling tricks to jazzing up your Zoom backdrop and space-savvy desk solutions, the pros reveal what’s next in work-from-home style.

The double duty home  | Sunday Independent’s LIFE Magazine

How to give your home a work/life balance.

The light fantastic | Sunday Independent’s LIFE Magazine

Neon lighting is friend with staying power, so make use of it to change the mood.

Waxing lyrical: decorative candles are having a moment | Sunday Independent’s LIFE Magazine

From playful twists to artsy curves, decorative, unscented candles in rainbow colours are taking the spotlight this spring.

25 Irish design shops to know | House & Home Magazine, Sep/Oct 2020

20 Irish interior designers to have on your radar | House & Home Magazine, Nov/Dec 2020

Work, productivity and technology

Our current inflexible work culture is making parenting harder than it should be | Image

I’m throwing a guilty mum party – and attendance is mandatory.

Your digital wellness toolkit: get your focus back | Image

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Home is where the work is | Increment

Flexible. Freeing. Lonely. Three remote engineers share what it’s really like to work from afar.

Intercom on starting up | Intercom

Worked on the copy editing team for Intercom on Starting Up, which condensed over 600 articles about Intercom's own startup journey.

Sexual health and wellness

What advertising teaches us about periods | Image

LLet’s talk about low libido | Image

Can I ask my OBGYN that? | Rosy

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